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Major person likes to eat seafood, seafood flavour is delicious, and OK and compensatory nurture is qualitative. For the children to often eating seafood, their cerebrum growth is more healthy, the intelligence that compares normal person wants a lot of tallerForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, but eat seafood we have a lot of notes, if carelessly if, can cause reaction of body virulent poisoning, the case that can have have loose bowels even arises. So, eat seafood to you can eat litchi?

Eat seafood to be able to eat litchi

One, can litchi eat together with seafood?

Cannot, have certain harm to the body.

Eat litchi commonly, at least should eat seafood again after 9 hours.

Litchi contains many vitamin C, shrimp, crab crustacean cannot feed together with many vitamin C.

In waiting for crustacean seafood to taste, shrimp, crab contains certain high concentration ” 5 price arsenic ” , its itself is harmless to human body, but when taking many vitamin C at the same time, “5 price arsenic ” can change into ” tervalent arsenic ” (namely 3 oxidation 2 arsenic, common calls arsenic) , can bring about acute arsenic poisoning, serious person still can endanger life.

Litchi nutrition is rich, contain dextrose, cane sugar1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, protein, adipose and vitamin A, B, C, contain all sorts of nutriment such as acid of acid of ammonia of folic acid, essence, lubricious ammonia, very beneficial to human body health. Litchi is had be good at lienal promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the effect with acetanilide regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, apply to the body frail, the body fluid after disease is insufficient, gastric cold ache, the disease such as hernia ache. Modern research discovers, litchi has the effect of nutrient head cell, the disease such as ameliorable insomnia, forgetful, much dream, can promote skin metabolism, defer consenescence. However, the person edible litchi of excessive edible litchi or certain and special constitution, all produce an accident possibly.

Eat seafood to be able to eat litchi

2, edible litchi note

1, litchi of haemoptysis patient diet

Litchi sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant is acerbity, easy get angry aids heat. ” dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine ” in early point out: “Feed more calorific ” ; ” a book on Chinese medicineOnA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Detailed outline ” in also admonish: “Bright person feed much, namely gum swollen mouth is painful, or nosebleeding blood, of igneous patient You Ji. “

2, litchi of swimmy patient diet

Litchi sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant is acerbity, irascibility dizzinesses to swimmy patient Dou Yingji is fed or be fed less with phlegmy chaotic. ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in have account: “Of igneous patient You Ji. “

3, litchi of aphtha patient diet

Litchi sex is tepid, eat to aid hot get angry extremely easily more. Aphtha patient, include debaucjed of talking around ulcer, oral cavity, gingival gall to wait, avoid feeds litchi more.

Eat seafood to be able to eat litchi

4, eat litchi to want right amount, avoid eats litchi overmuch

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Contain sugar for litchi the volume is high, folk has ” a litchi 3 fire ” view, intake is overmuch, it won’t energy of translate into keep in storage, can make person appetite is decreased greatly instead, complete even not1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Want to take food. Litchi flesh sex is lukewarm, eat too much to be able to cause gum; of red, haemorrhage can appear sometimes disgusting, limply, swimmy wait for disease, somebody calls this phenomenon ” litchi is ill ” , nevertheless this disease needs to use Shang Yinfu of litchi carapace decoct to be able to alleviate only.