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Chaffy dish delicacy is hot delicate, after partial female is pregnant, the likelihood does not keep out the temptation of chaffy dish, had chaffy dish. Having chaffy dish actually is very big to the harm of pregnant woman, hotpot may eat when having chaffy dish for example, arched bug is contained in hotpot, be likeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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When eating if really, did not thoroughly cook fully, easy parasitism is in arched bug inside body, right pregnant woman and fetal extremely adverse. Additional, rinse chaffy dish when dish is tasted did not thoroughly cook return meeting remain bacteria, cause the body easilyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Wholesome condition also makes a person can care, was thought safe for the purpose of, pregnant woman has chaffy dish less still. Pregnant woman is not complete cannot have chaffy dish, the word of greediness can have chaffy dish appropriately, but the number that should notice to have chaffy dish, as far as possible littleForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Eat. And pregnant woman is having chaffy dish from time to tome a lot of note.

Chaffy dish raw material is hotpot, beef, pork, these may contain the larva of arched bug and other cattle or rasorial helminth in raw sliced meat, naked eye cannot see. And when having chaffy dish, people likes to put sliced meat in the boiler that boils to be ironed feed namely, heating momently cannot kill helminth, and the larva after taking food crosses alvine wall to enter the whole body along with blood in alvine path.

Chaffy dish soup expects often taste is heavier, have a plenty of red oily chaffy dish or Chinese traditional medicine chaffy dish, pregnant woman is pregnant inchoate dietary Ying Yiqing is weak give priority to, Fall in love with the seaLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Sex of acrimony, Chinese traditional medicine should avoid to pledge between whole bosom pregnancy food. Additional, if be to have chaffy dish outside, cannot ensure the wholesome condition of bottom of chaffy dish soup, inn of a lot of chaffy dish may use a few inferior oil, this can cause healthy hidden trouble to pregnant woman.

Need to notice additionally, the dish in chaffy dish is tasted with the flesh kind be in the majority, best collocation is vegetable when eating, bring about nutrient disequilibrium easily otherwise. Chaffy dish is tall purine, tall adipose and tall caloric food, eat much itself spends the body to do not have advantage, and the burden of kidney of liver of easy still accentuation, so pregnant woman had better have chaffy dish less.