This year on E3, announced gloriously ” benevolence king 2 ” , but from there is follow-up message exposure all the time after announcing, look nevertheless of players wait to also be about to come to an end. Install Tian Wenyan according to game chief inspector, they will be at the beginning of 2019 announce ” benevolence king 2 ” new information. The New Year that accepting Japanese media 4Gamer is special when interviewing, he is developing divulge of the Wen Yan that install cropland hard add is made ” benevolence king 2 ” , he thinks ” benevolence king 2 ” will be at the beginning of 2019 new information is updated. Besides Antianwenyan, glorious chairman Hisashi Koinuma also is mentioned in oneself closest work ” the giant of advance on 2 ” later, he is being participated in with the identity of producer ” benevolence king 2 ” . What he also expects to be able to reveal his 2019 is new make. Speak of ” the giant of advance on 2 ” , hideaki Suzuki of game chief inspector mentions him to developing a work, special expect to be able to be announced at an early date. This world of plain of front of a garment mentions glorious author first 2019 he can use artificial intelligence to make an interesting game, before be different from the work of put on sale. What this may point to is the game that develops atelier HEROZ collaboration with AI. ” true the Three Kingdoms is incomparable 8 ” producer bell Mu Lianghao expresses after game put on sale, development group received many feedback, development group values these proposals very much, go to application in prospective game. He hopes to was shared to the player 2019 ” true the Three Kingdoms is incomparable ” all sorts of development logs of series. He still is mentioned 2019 is series 19 years, to receive 20 anniversary, development group is developing a big project. And ” incomparable big snake 3 ” producer Masaki Furusawa also speaks of him developing ” new thing ” , although still do not have the level that announce, but he hopes vermicelli made from bean starch can maintain expect. Yuan Xianyi of small large bamboo hat of old of atelier of final Omega Force thinks 2019-2020 year between can concern at new leader great announce.