” demon animal world ” the budget of big motion picture is as high as 16 million dollar, accordingly, its box-office and enough Gao Cai is only unapt let publish business lose money in business. Recently, the United States is famous magazine of put together art ” Variety ” made an estimation, they think to be below the most conservative circumstance, ” demon animal world ” the profit that big motion picture can create 25 million dollar, its booking office is in show a week will the row is completely beautiful the 3rd or the 4th.

” demon animal world ” prep close behind of big motion picture ” 2(The Conjuring 2) of call back the spirit of the dead ” with ” round 2(Now You See Me 2) of pilfer of Jing day demon ” land each courtyard line, and these two new piece also will become its most driving competitor. And landed line of North America courtyard on June 2 ” chelonian of god of the person that bear 2: Capture an image and go out ” the person is angry also cannot small inspect.

If this is forecasted,be correct, so Duncan Jones directs ” demon animal world ” trilogy plans to have to go aground probably.

I think this ” demon animal world ” big motion picture won’t make everybody disappointed, jones ever said, if at the appointed time its box-office expression is very good, I can consider to pat two films to tell the story more thoroughly again.

” demon animal world ” big motion picture will land domestic courtyard line on June 8. Recently, its first grading lift a ban, show serious polarization. It is feelings affusion or baleful difference are judged after all, must wait to see ability know truly.