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The method that uses fitness reduces weight everybody understands thin body, but still a lot of people are in among gymnastical process, did not feel ideal thin body effect, this moment should be analysed for certain, whether correct the method of your place fitness is effective, so we introduce now, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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How the fitness of correct health, him help is thin reduce weight personally, , can drill again strong muscle.

The method with thinner and thinner fitness

1, adding flesh pink to say is compensatory protein, if you also can get from food,enough protein need not have the thing of and so on of the pink that add muscle alone.

2, a week goes a few times saying certainly. But, every part muscle, every week takes exercise not to exceed 3 times. Muscle grows over-Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Cheng is: Old flesh cell burst, more new flesh cells are generated. This need probably 24-48 hour, this time is to must leave sarcous. (abdominal muscle group except, take exercise everyday irrespective)

3, what eating is for compensatory protein, and compensatory protein is to fillLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Fill inside 8 kinds when what contain must amino acid. Fleshy egg grandma belongs to animal albumen, the amino acerbity sort that embodies inside is whole, scale moderate, it is high grade albumen, but defect isA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Contain adipose tall, light put on weight; Commissariat and the vegetable of a few sort (legume) contain protein, the amino acerbity sort that embodies inside is not whole. Do not eat fleshy egg to suckle affirmation to be no good so, but have decision of how many yourself.

4, the muscle that you exercised you greatens with respect to regular meeting (the extent that just changes is not certain, want those who see you to exercise degree) , because,feeling thin is adipose little.

5, say about you ” jump over Lian Yue to do not have force ” be a fault, experienced muscle lets it greaten is force training actually, muscle bulk is jumped over energeticallyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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To fitness this problem everybody, of course cannot method of quite blind fitness reducing weight must be correct, and also should notice, the diet with tie-in healthy science, such ability achieve more significant fitness effect quite, say to hope so the friend of each fitness reducing weight, can abide by the method of these fitness and principle.