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Umbilical cord circles a neck is to say fetal be twined to go up by umbilical cord in the neck in the mother’s body, this is a kind of very serious issue, because if umbilical cord is twined urgenter meeting gives fetal cause an effect. How does fetal darling umbilical cord circle neck a week to do? This kind of circumstance should look is to be in what period, if be parturient period if puerperas want all the more attention, ifFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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It is the word of 56 months, can improve umbilical cord to confuse the condition of the neck through a few methods.

Fetal darling umbilical cord circles neck a week how to do

One, how does the fetal and umbilical a week that circle a neck do

In umbilical cord unusually medium, a kind of symptom is called umbilical cord to circle a neck. According to statistic, fetal during be brought up in pregnant mom abdomen, the probability that produces umbilical cord to circle a neck is adjacent 25% . And produce umbilical cord to circleFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The probability of neck a week is higher, had exceeded 80% . So, become fetal happening when the umbilical a week that circle a neck, how should be handled?

1, note the number of quickening

Several quickening are pregnant Mom understanding is fetal grow one of means of the circumstance, need pregnant Mom everyday early in want number late. Normally, the time that 12 hours inner tube uses darling has computational formula, be about to early in the quickening frequency addition inside a hour takes late baby with 4.

Generally speaking, normal fetal the quickening frequency inside 12 hours is more than 10 times, if quickening time is too little too much perhaps, pregnant Mom needs to go to a hospital undertaking checking.

Fetal darling umbilical cord circles neck a week how to do

2, adopt left lie sleep

In pregnancy, when pregnant Mom is sleeping, should adopt as far as possible left lie sleeping means, come so, the fetal meeting in the abdomen becomes cleaner, athletic frequency also is met fewer, stillSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Can alleviate the umbilical circumstance that circle a neck.

3, stroke belly less little move

If darling is umbilical a week that circle a neck, normal for, this kind of circumstance can disappear gradually in pregnant later period. But in this process, pregnant Mom often does not touch abdomen as far as possible, also cannot move too frequent, lest the umbilical cord in because of the stimulation of the outside home circles darling the circumstance of the neck.

2, umbilical cord circles neck and pregnant woman to sleep is appearance concerned

Mention umbilical cord to circle a neck, many pregnant Mom think is he sleep at ordinary times appearance is bad to bring about, Fall in love with the sea

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Accordingly, when they are sleeping, special attention sleeps the problem of appearance, for fear that sleeps because of oneself too ” open ” and the fetal darling in bringing about abdomen has a rough time. So, is umbilical cord circled neck and sleep is appearance concerned?

Fetal the situation that can produce umbilical cord to circle a neck in mom abdomen, basically measure with amniotic fluid, Shanghai noble baby

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Fetal bulk, umbilical accident and fetal activity relative. Pass when amniotic fluid much, fetal volume is minor, umbilical and longer, increase fetal motion frequencyForum of Shanghai night net

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Numerous when, fetal cause umbilical cord more easily to circle a neck.

Fetal darling umbilical cord circles neck a week how to do

Additional, fetal be inside the uterus and just do not think ” do a chickabiddy quietly ” so simple. Fetal once had athletic capacity, besides sleep the time beyond, roll likely in mom abdomen, walk back and forth, even cuff and kick. Because the uterus is so big, add umbilical cord accompany all the time beside darling, circle oneself with respect to the likelihood in mobile process went in.

So, occurrence umbilical cord confuses the condition of the neck, mix actually of pregnant woman sleep appearance does not have immediate impact. It is for fetal darling consider only, when pregnant woman is sleeping as far as possible, pressing abdomen can.