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New student system of intestines and stomach and adult rise quite should flimsy a lot of, so parents are in the process that takes care of new student darling, want to choose technically to suit the food of edible of new student darling. But it is a choice to suitLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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New student the food of intestines and stomach, in the process that grow, new student intestines and stomach also is met occurrence problem of hard to avoid. When the new student appear phenomenon of abdominal distension constipation when, cry with respect to meeting generation make more than conduct, what alleviate effectively at that time can be measure adopted?

 New student how does abdominal distension constipation do

The method that can use massage tummy is solved, the parent is OK the hand ministry cleanness oneself is clean, next again withFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The child’s navel undertakes arranging hour hand to press kneading for center, every time presses kneaded time is 5 minutes are controlled probably, strength should be a few more balanced, by before kneading, also can heat up hand rub, such effects are OK better.

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Use carry the leg treats a method, child occurrence abdomen bilges gas constipationForum of Shanghai night net

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Problem, can let child lie low be on the bed, next againLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The leg is raised gently, curve knee again, let knee place stand by abdomen, do a few times more repeatedly, also can achieve the result of massage abdomen so, can solve bilge gas constipation symptom.

The method that still can use hot compress is solved, prepare a towel, put soak inside hot water, twist moisture next dry, apply is above the child’s abdomen, the temperature of towel must have been controlled, not too very hot, the skin that meets pair of children causes loss, also do not want too cool, the effect with such good short of, before using, can put on him body to try, so OK more safe.

 New student how does abdominal distension constipation do

How does ability prevent darling constipation effectively

1, the food of darling must balanced, every kinds of food should balanced absorb, in order to increase the cellulose inside alvine path, stimulative stomach bowel wriggles, unobstructed defecate.

2, generally speaking, 3 months control darling, with respect to the habit that can help him form time defecate. Begin from 3 months, after be being nursed in the morning everyday, can help darling sit basin, prevent darling to sitting basin generation bores or unwell.

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Treasure has certain vivid momentum everyday. To returning the darling that cannot walk independently, parents should hold him in the arms more, knead the little stomach that kneads darling, do not put baby for long alone in the cradle.

4, the medicine of profess to convinced that suits the remedial constipation that the infant takes, specific follow the doctor’s advice please with medicine and dosage.

 New student how does abdominal distension constipation do

Read preceding part of the text everybody should know the child needs to eat a few delicate food to the child below the circumstance of abdominal distension constipation, cannot force the child to eat a few food, he can eat how to much eat, serious need has bit of remedy to the child, drink water to clear more intestines and stomach, proper motion also can alleviate costive circumstance, but should notice not to let the child again catch cold catch cold, can accentuate instead so illness.