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The breast is flavour of the woman after the woman is mature is indicative. But, the breast also is the place that a disease sends high, have mammary gland proliferation than what as usual sees, mastadenoma. In the life, when the breast happens sorely, the female must note the problem that is healthy respect. Some females discover the breast can resemble pinprick aching euqally, this is a bit bewildering. So, the breast resembles a needleForum of Shanghai noble baby

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How is like plunging into, aching to return a responsibility?

The breast aches like pinprick is how to return a responsibility

1, mammary gland conduit is outspread

Have this ill woman, it is brown that inchoate symptom basically behaves the color majority that is fluid of excessive of tit of; of tit excessive fluid. Few number can appear silk of blood of be mingled with. Still can see many oar cell, lymphocyte and the cell that does not have tumour. Great majority is the blame in more than 40 years old lactation or it is menopause woman. If be affected, even can red, swollen, hot, painful inflammation happens.

2, tumour of shape of the tit inside lacteal canal

The area of tit of tumour body in the vicinity of, tumour put oneself in another’s position is minor;Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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And bleed easily. Tumour cell can be found when assay is checked, breast is dizzy below also can meet the bag with larger presence piece, at the same time besides axillary and lymphatic intumescent, qualitative soft, have touch a tender spot.

The breast aches like pinprick is how to return a responsibility

3, mammary bursa sex is proliferous

Hyperplasia of mammary bursa sex can bring about a breast periodic bilge painful, majority breaks out in menstrual early days, light person be not taken seriously more, the person that weigh can be affectedShanghai noble baby

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The job reachs the life. Qualitative pliable but strong is not hard, the skin is not had sticky even, with all round constituent end is not clear, bump is after menstrual end decrescent.

4, mastitis

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is called ” lacteal carbuncle ” , it is the female’s common disease, meet in postpartum woman especially ill hair. It is to be in commonly the early days foundation that galactic deposit is bacterial infection. Galactic and enough, the platoon breeds not free; causes deposit agglomerate. Made aching happening. Postpartum woman is frail immune force drops, wrap up is too severe, perspire more, clean insufficient, for bacterial growth breed is offerred alleviate. Lactation breast suffers extruding, bump substandard injury to also can cause mastitis.

The breast aches like pinprick is how to return a responsibility

5, lacteal cancer

Inside the breast evilShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Sexual tumour causes pathological changes to bring about the happening of lacteal cancer, inchoate and main symptom is the small bump that does not have painful sex single shot, qualitative hard, the surface is not slick, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Constituent end is not clear, be driven not easily. When lacteal cancer bump increases, local skin can cave, show tangerine skin pattern. Cancer is swollen when encroaching breast to be in charge of, the tit can be formed time shrink.