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Fried yoghurt to become an ave to go into the street a of the edge common snacks, also got many females and children like. And those who fry yoghurt is the mainest make feeding capable person is yoghurt, in the process that and be in fries yoghurtA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Still can join feed capable person differently. This basically undertakes choosing according to individual taste, many people like to eat chocolate to be able to make chocolate fry yoghurt, the article below introduced chocolate to fry the making method of yoghurt for everybody.

Chocolate fries yoghurt

Feed material detail

Yoghurt 90 overcome

Black chocolate 14 overcome

Currant 6

The practice that black chocolate fries yoghurt detailed measure

The 1st pace

Will black chocolate cuts black chocolate to break.

Break black chocolate.

Chocolate fries yoghurt

The 2nd pace


currant mincing.

The 3rd pace

Fall into yoghurt, and agitate.

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Good agitate yoghurt is entered dish in. In putting freezer refrigerant 35 minutes.

1, the food that chocolate attributes high-energy volume, eat much chairman is fat, yoghurt is a kind of lactobacillus, can adjust alvine path bacterium group, unobstructed defecate, so yoghurt has the effect that reduce weight. Both take food to did not abstain from absolutely together.

2, chocolate can bring quiet sense to the person, eliminate intense sentiment better, have delayA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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See the effect of pressure, yoghurt can increase strength, enhance immune power.

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Chocolate fries yoghurt

One, the edible of chocolate is no-no

The diabetic should eat less or do not eat chocolate (but can eat) of the chocolate that do not have candy. The person with intentional painful mouth wants diet chocolate, the pit of the stomach after eating chocolate especially feels burnLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Want hotly to stop edible. Because chocolate contains a kind of can exciting hydrochloric acid in gastric juice,this is1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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2, the effect of yoghurt

Can decompose the lactose in milk and protein, make human body lighter digest and absorb. Yoghurt has stimulative gastric juice to secrete, increase appetite, promote and enhance digestive effect. Lactobacillus can decrease certainFall in love with the sea

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The generation of carcinogen, have the effect that prevent cancer consequently.