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We know to be in burning hot summerA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, frozen food just is the most welcome, be in countrywide which place no matter, in burning hot summer be to be able to take cold side. And the cold range that different area makes also is have different taste, han Shi is for instance cold face, exceedingly delicious. A lot of friends want to make cold range in the home, economy substantial, what is the way with so cold the truest extent?

How is cold face boiled?


Buck face one bag, cucumber 20 grams, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Pork (thin) 20 grams, green 10 grams, ham 30 grams, emperor female fruit two, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings egg of 30 grams, black two, red turnip 20 grams, refined salt treasure of 1 gram, hoosh together, peanut oil 2 grams, sesame seed 1 gram,

Cooking step:

1. prepares acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, black egg, green melon, carrot, buck face, green, ham, holy female fruit, lean lean

The diversity feeding capable person that 2. uses, the quantity is right amount enough, feed material to cut into shreds, black egg is thoroughlied cook cut both sides

Buck face is put to boil to 6 maturity into hot water in 3. boiler

The face that 4. has boiled enters cold water in, drop in temperature

How is cold face boiled?

Right amount water is put in 5. boiler, put, salt, soy of soy and a few and hoosh treasure are boiled melt

6. enters carrot, green melon, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, scald ripe

7. next lean lean, ham, green Duan Yechao enters the water,

The face that 8. has boiled puts a bowl in, put thin soup, place the dish with ripe scald, scatter on a few sesame seed and a few sesame-seed oil

9. has made good finished product

How is cold face boiled?

Cooking is small stick person:

Korea cold face is staple food with buckwheat flour commonly, with beef soup or chicken broth, assist with silk of hot Chinese cabbage, cutlet, egg, cucumber, pear wait. When edible, a few cool soup and right amount noodle are put inside preexistence bowl1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, put spice again, irrigate soup again finally. Its noodle is fine qualitativeShanghaiForum of Shanghai night net

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Pliable but strong, soup juice is cool, acid is hot dainty. The characteristic of authentic Korea cold face is the mouthfeel zephyr flavour of clear cool opening, it is the best cate below summer sorching, take the authentic Korea cold side with a cool sweet acid, in summer hot and dry can disappear with uneasiness, what remain one mouth only is delicate feel with full happiness. If not quite good friends take function of intestines and stomach,cold face still wants discreet oh, if be,eat in big winter onShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Korea cold face, although relaxed acid is sweet mouthfeel as before, but eating intestines and stomach to whether bear so that live is another problem then!