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Often eat Chinese cabbage to have the effect that increases power of our body immunity, contain in Chinese cabbage rich vitamin and thickLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Fiber, can promote our body to eliminate toxin, OK still and cleared the rubbish in our body, still have the effect with embellish aperient bowel at the same time, if use these effect of good Chinese cabbage, return the health that can help us reduce weight to still won’t harm the body, now for a few kinds of ways that say to eat Chinese cabbage to reduce weight.

Have a few kinds of ways that Chinese cabbage reduces weight

1. practice one: Acetic smooth Chinese cabbage

Rich amino acid is contained in feeding vinegar, what can lower human body effectively is adiposeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, match together with Chinese cabbage, can remove embellish bowel to discharge poisonous action more, the effect that reduce weight is first-rate.


Green, ginger, acerbity, Chinese cabbage, feed vinegar, white sugar, soy, salt and gourmet powder.


Above all Chinese cabbage abluent, cut small to reserve next; cuts green, ginger, garlic into broken end respectively, like that1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Hind salt, feed vinegar, gourmet powder and soy to be allocated together in proportion. Right amount vegetable oil is put inside boiler, after burning heat pour powder of the green that has cut, ginger, garlic to explode sweet, in putting Chinese cabbage side into boiler next, break up fry. Wait for Chinese cabbage the side puts in Chinese cabbage leaf again after molten a little continue to fry divide evenly, when be about to mature, pour the makings juice of mix up to break up fry tasty, await it is OK that boiler goes out after fragrance is tangy.

Have a few kinds of ways that Chinese cabbage reduces weight

2. practice 2: Chinese cabbage congee

Chinese cabbage congee can offer enough full abdomen sense for us already, OK and moist intestines and stomach, promote our defecate function, help the cleared toxin with complete body, raise metabolism effectively.


Chinese cabbage right amount,

Garlic of ginger of rice, green, salt.


Chinese cabbage abluent, cut garlic of ginger of filament; green to also part next mincing reserve. The plant that enters a few in boiler is oily, powder of green ginger garlic falls to explode after burning heat sweet, continue to break up into Chinese cabbage silk then fry. Inside observation boiler, give Shang Zhi hind to also put in the rice that get ready and Bai Shui, together infusion, when till moisture becomes little. Put the salt of a few finally, congee of this delicate Chinese cabbage thin body has been done.

Have a few kinds of ways that Chinese cabbage reduces weight

3. practice 3: Go up soup Chinese cabbage


Man of egg of Chinese cabbage, skin, scallop, Qing Gongjiao, onion.


After scallop man is rinsed clean, with lukewarm bleb hair Chinese cabbage of 20 minutes of; takes core, break whole lamina, big even if divide,can become two, any of several hot spice plants of egg of 3; skin, Qinggong and onionForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Cut Cheng Ding to reserve. Have oily pot, after oily heat, explode the water that man of scallop of scallop man and bubble hair enters below sweet onion fourth; , big baked wheaten cake leaves. Add leather egg man, cooking wine and candy, boil; to finish Chinese cabbage part of a historical period, boil to transparent shape, leaf of fish out dish is installed dish. Shang Zhongtian adds Qing Gongjiao, add a few salt to flavor; conflagration receives juice to stiff, irrigate go up in Chinese cabbage can.

4. practice 4: Chinese cabbage stews bean curd

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Essence of Chinese cabbage, bean curd, salt, chicken, peppery face, ginger, green.


Cut bean curdLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Into mahjong big, use boiled water scald, chinese cabbage of; of fishy smell of take out beans is inclined cut piece. Oily a few leaves boiler, 6 Jiang Hecong is put when becoming heat, burn Chinese cabbage is put to break up after frying fry a minute, put bean curd to continue to break up fry a minute. Add right amount water, put pepper in succession, gallinaceous essence, boil 5 minutes, add salt to flavor can.